Antimode X4 High-end preamplifier

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43.299 kr
  • High end preamplifier and DAC
  • Advanced room calibration and full subwoofer support
  • Usually ships within a week.

Finally advanced room correction is available for your high-end stereo system! Antimode X4 is the perfect partner for an active setup from Sigberg Audio, and we use it ourselves in our demo room. The X4 is an advanced, high-end preamp that also features room calibration for both speakers and subwoofers. Antimode focuses on bass and and lower midrange, the areas that are most difficult to solve with acoustic treatment. A system corrected with Antimode provides a cleaner sound, tighter and deeper bass, and less of the typical rumbling, "slow" bass which often leads to the conclusion that subwoofers "do not work for music". 

The correction process is fully automatic and requires no prior knowledge to complete. It can be used both for pure 2.0 systems that only have speakers, or systems with one or more subwoofers. It even selects the optimal crossover frequency between speakers and subwoofer automatically, measuring THD of both speakers and subwoofers for optimal crossover selection. If you prefer to adjust or fine tune EQ manually, Antimode X4 offers a 9-band parametric EQ that can be activated either for both channels or individually per channel. There is also an adjustable crossover, adjustable housecurve to adjust bass level, and more.

Antimode X4 offers extremely high sound quality, and uses carefully selected top of the range DA / AD converters from Burr-Brown (PCM1792A).

Antimode X4 can be controlled remotely via the included remote control.

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"This is a first-rate two-channel preamplifier with flexible bass management and potent DSP for setup and room EQ. "- Kal Rubinson, Stereophile

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  • Inputs:
    2xRCA stereo, 1xXLR stereo, 3xOptical 3xCoaxial (S / PDIF), 1xUSB Audio
  • Outputs:
    2xRCA stereo, 2xXLR Stereo, 1xOptical, 1xCoaxial (S / PDIF)
  • Frequency range: 
    20-20,000Hz ± 0.08dB
    Dynamic Range: 126 dB, THD: <0.0008% (XLR)
  • Included accessories:
    Measuring microphone, microphone stand, remote control
  • Dimensions:
    436x70x295mm (BHD)