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Audioholics subwoofer shootout

10D rated as the best subwoofer if you want a small, high-end, high powered subwoofer. "No other small sub can touch the Sigberg Audio 10D".

Jay's Iyagi video review of Sigberg Audio SBS.1 and Inkognito subwoofer

Jay takes us through the benefits of the SBS.1 speaker system and its unique approach to big sound in a small package, as well as his impression of the sound quality!

Sigberg Audio MANTA commercial trailer

Sigberg Audio MANTA commercial release trailer / advertisement.

Sigberg Audio MANTA release teaser

Teaser video released in connection with the launch of Sigberg Audio MANTA preorders

Will Brink video review of Sigberg Audio SBS.1

Will Brink goes through the technical aspects, listening impressions and more in this review

Will Brink interviews founder Thorbjørn Sigberg about active speakers and the Sigberg Audio SBS.1

In this interview we cover a wide range of topics, including active speakers in general, DSP, room correction, subwoofers, various audiophile myths and of course the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 speakers.

Stereoplus video report from Hifimessen 2022 with a brief interview and video of the Sigberg Audio Manta

The segment about Sigberg Audio starts at around 4:45. Norwegian only, but the footage of the Manta may still be interesting if you don't know the language. Youtube live stream discussing the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speakers (May 2022)

James and Gene from Audioholics discuss the SBS.1 active speakers, going into the details and design advantages, as well as deep diving into the measurements James did for the review.

Review of Sigberg Audio Inkognito 10 at the Youtube channel "Bang&Olufsen Teknisk forum" (April 2022)

Henrik at The BOTF channel considers our Inkognito 10 as an alternative to the B&O Beolab 19 subwoofer, and concludes that the better alternative is the Inkognito 10.

"It goes deeper, has more punch, cost less and can be hidden away from sight."

(Danish audio)

Stereopluss video report discussing the sound at the Sigberg Audio show room at the Norwegian hifi show "Hifimessen 2021" (November 2021)

Our setup consisting of Sigberg Audio SBS.1 combined with two Sigberg Audio 10D subwoofers are unofficially awarded second best in show overall, and by far the best bass of all rooms at the show! See the discussion at around 10 minutes out in the video, and also conclusion at 16 minutes out. There's also footage of the show room.

Roy: "Sigberg Audio is among the best sound we've heard at the show this year."
Ståle: "I think they had the very best bass of everyone, it was so tight and good!"

 (Norwegian audio)