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Review of Sigberg Audio Manta og 10D in Stereopluss September 2023 (5 / 5 stars)

Stereo+ review badge: five stars for Sigberg Audio Manta and 10D


"The controlled dispersion of the Mantas has a profound effect on how you perceive imaging and soundstage. The music also comes across as cleaner, more natural and believable.(..) There is a lot to be said about the tonal balance, tightness in the midbass and the open midrange and treble. But the main takeaway after this test is a shockingly precise and three dimensional soundstage."

"The subwoofers are tight and controlled, as we would expect. Their dynamic headroom and lack of distortion or noise provides a big, clean and musical experience. Sonically they merge with the speakers and disappear completely."

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Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer review on Audioholics.com June 2022 (Performance: 4.5 / 5)Audioholics Logo

"The performance of the 10D is excellent, especially considering its size. It has good deep bass output and tremendous midbass output. Until you get to the last nine-tenths of its performance, it provides extremely clean and accurate sound quality. Its time-domain behavior is very good, and anyone looking for a sub for sharp transients has a good choice here.(..) It is the one I would get if I needed the best small sub that money can buy. "

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Sigberg Audio SBS.1 Active speakers review on Audioholics.com May 2022 (Performance: 4.5 / 5)Audioholics Logo

"Firstly, the sound quality is outstanding. With a nicely flat response on and off-axis, this is a fairly accurate loudspeaker. The heavy emphasis on point source emanation gives it remarkable imaging ability, as well as a flexibility that most other speakers in this segment do not have. The dynamic range was also exceptional, well beyond what almost any other similarly sized speaker can hope for."

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Review of Sigberg Audio SBS.1 and Inkognito subwoofer at Audiophile.no
November 2021

"I have to admit the bass is among the best I've ever heard. The other things I care about is also very much present. The ability to pinpoint and accurately place the musicians in the soundstage is hard to do better than this.
The system is tonally neutral, has great perspective and the ability to balance dynamics and nuance. It also has an awesome ability to deliver fortissimo all the way."

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Review of Sigberg Audio SBS.1 og 10D in Stereopluss September 2021 (5 / 5 stars)

Stereopluss 5 stars

"This is sound at a high, international level!"

"The bass is deep and controlled. It's also fast and detailed, without becoming too anemic or sterile. Yet it is the vanishing act of SBS.1 that impresses me the most. They do exactly what some small speakers are extremely good at, which is to disappear, leaving just the music. There's no audible footprint, yet they fill the living room with sound. There's depth, width and an excellent holographic quality. It's extremely precise, and the placement of musicians and singers in width and depth is excellent(..)"

"Sigberg Audio SBS.1 and 10D is living proof that you don't need large speakers get a large and powerful sound. The ability of SBS.1 to seemingly vanish is simply magic, and with the ability to tailor the sound through the onboard DSP, amazing musical experiences are possible even in difficult rooms.(..)"

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Early preview of Sigberg Audio SBS.1 og 10D prototypes in Stereopluss May 2021 

"The sound is precise, with a beautiful resolution, and the speakers reveal an incredible amount of details without loosing balance or sounding too clinical. (..)

Imaging was amazing, and the reproduction effortless. Listening to music of any genre was simply relaxing. The speaker doesn't favor any particular type of music. This is an underrated trait, and important to cater for a wide audience.(..) The bass is very deep, and impressively controlled."

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Review of Inkognito 10 in Stereopluss November 2020 (5 / 5 stars)

Stereopluss Inkognito 10

"Inkognito 10 is a very capable subwoofer, and combined with KEF LS50 Meta, it creates a loudspeaker system that is very, very difficult to match for the price.

(..)The experience of this subwoofer is difficult to live without, and it's like a universe of sound disappears when it is disconnected.

Features / flexibility : 9/10
Quality / design: 8/10
Price / performance: 9/10"

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Inkognito 12 Review in Lyd&Bilde (LB Tech reviews) Oktober 2020 (5 / 6 stars)

Sigberg Audio Inkognito 12 Lyd og Bilde (LB Tech reviews) Highly recommended (5 av 6 stjerner) Award badge

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Inkognito 12 Review (5 out of 5 stars in Stereopluss August 2020)

Sigberg Audio Inkognito 12 Stereopluss Award Badge (5/5 stars)

"(..)The subwoofer from Sigberg Audio plays very deep, but the 20-25hz area isn't what impresses me the most. It also plays very clean, balanced and natural in the mid-bass area, and reveals no vibrations or resonances.(..)"

"(..)The tempo is good and the rhytmic precision is impeccable. There's no feeling of the bass slowing the pace, or reducing the transient response of the speakers. Electronica like Trentemøller reveals a quick and nimble bass and excellent dynamics. At the same time, the soundstage is clean, impressively tidy and rich with information from bubly and snarling synths and samplers. Inkognito 12 is impressively seamless, and the lack of coloration, distortion and phase issues at the crossover makes it easy to integrate(..)"

"(..)Set up properly and combined with a pair of high-end compact speakers, the result will be amazing and very fun, with a sound quality surpassing loudspeakers with a far higher price than the total price of your setup. Sigberg Audio Inkognito 12 delivers deep, powerful and impressively controlled bass - and it has never been easier to integrate a subwoofer with your speakers.

Features / flexibility : 9/10
Quality / design: 8/10
Price / performance: 9/10"

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