Delivery / Shipping

For Norwegian customers: Prices include VAT and shipping.

For international customers: We ship worldwide. Prices include door-to-door shipping in Europe. To other countries shipping fees may be applied during checkout*. Import taxes and duties may apply, depending on where you live. Typical import tax in the U.S is 0-5%. Typical import tax/VAT in the EU is 17-25% depending on your country.

If you want a fixed price with no surprises, we also offer a fixed all included price in selected countries. Contact us if you are interested in this option, or have any questions about the ordering or shipping process.

Please see the relevant product page or contact us for updated lead time / delivery information.

*A small number of countries are not eligible for automatically calculated shipping. If you are unable to check-out, please get in touch.

Try & Buy / Returns

Happy and satisfied customers are important to us. We allow returns within 60 days to ensure you can properly audition your new system and enjoy a risk free purchase. Keep the original packaging, as you will need it if you are going to return your product. You will also need to include all accessories, and a product that is in the same condition as when you received it. When the product is returned, your money will be refunded in full.

Please note that your refund may be reduced or rejected if the product is damaged or incomplete. So if you are unsure if you are going to keep the product, be extra careful to avoid scratches and other damage. Always contact us before returning a product.

Return shipping is included in Norway. For other countries there's a fixed 100USD fee for return shipping.

In Norway, online shopping is regulated by norsk lov om angrerett.

5 Year Warranty, 10 year service, unlimited support

Sigberg Audio offer a limited 5 year warranty on all our products. If you experience any problem at all, please contact us - and we'll sort it out! Our subwoofers and loudspeakers are built to last, but in the rare case of a problem, all components can be replaced and/or serviced. We want you to enjoy your speakers for a really long time, so we promise to keep any part you may need in stock for at least a decade. Finally, customer support is free for the life of the product (even for second hand owners). In short: Whatever, Whenever, We've got you covered!

Age of product must be verified by providing the serial number of the product and/or receipt of purchase.

If you disassemble or modify your Sigberg Audio product, the warranty will be voided. If the password protection on our amplifier modules are bypassed, the warranty on the drivers will be voided.

User manuals & downloads

Click here to access User manuals and equalizer software 

Sigberg Audio playlists

The best way to enjoy your Sigberg Audio speaker or subwoofer is of course through your own favorite songs or movies.

We've also curated two playlists with varied music suitable for testing your new gear. Perhaps you discover some new music too!

Playlist for loudspeaker testing:
Sigberg Audio Loudspeaker Demo Tracks (Spotify)
Sigberg Audio Loudspeaker Demo Tracks (Tidal)

Playlist for subwoofer testing: 
Sigberg Audio Subwoofer Demo Tracks (Spotify)
Sigberg Audio Subwoofer Demo Tracks (Tidal)

Music used to test and develop the Sigberg Audio MANTA Dual Cardioid Monitor:
Sigberg Audio MANTA.1 Dual Cardioid Development playlist (Spotify)
Sigberg Audio MANTA.1 Dual Cardioid Development playlist (Tidal)


As a small company, what we can do to make the world a better place is limited. We will however try to not make it worse. We use recycled and/or enviromentally friendly packaging. By producing locally, we reduce emissions connected to transport. We also calculate and offset our carbon footprint in an effort to stay climate neutral.


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