True full range sound

Did you know over 50% of stereo systems out there have one or multiple subwoofers? And still, 99% of all speakers are designed to play stand-alone, without a sub. That's what we call a waste of potential.

People often react with scepticism to the fact that our speakers are designed to play with subwoofers. The same people typically have subwoofers at home. Struggling to integrate them with speakers that were designed to play without subwoofers. I think Alanis would agree that it is a little bit ironic.

What we do differently

When we know that our speakers will be used with subwoofers, we can do a number of things differently than other speaker manufacturers. To dramatic effect. Our speakers do not have bass drivers. Instead they have dedicated drivers specifically designed to handle midbass. Almost no speakers do this, because they're typically 2-way or 3-way speakers, and there's simply no room in the design for a dedicated midbass driver. Our systems are 4-way by design, the subwoofer making up the 4th channel.

Why is midbass so important?

The midbass drivers in our speakers cover roughly 90-600hz, which one typically refers to as upper bass and lower midrange. Almost all speakers have a driver sharing this area either with the bass or with the midrange.

This frequency range happens to contain something quite important: A large part of both male and female voices. As if that wasn't enough, there's an incredible amount of drive, punch and attack in this frequency range. The fundamental of a lot of percussion and rhythm instruments live here.

A second point is that bass is extremely demanding to reproduce. When our speakers are never asked to that, the added capacity and dynamic range is significant. We're not only cutting away the bass, we're using different drivers (less mass, different suspension, higher sensitivity), specifically designed for midbass duty and with extreme dynamic capacity.

No frills and snake oil.

We belong to an industry that is becoming increasingly creative with its marketing tactics. We want no part in that. Everything we do has a reason and a purpose on the journey towards great sound.

We make honest products developed through both technical measurements and extensive listening sessions. We combine this with a healthy dose of loudspeaker theory and experience. Our design goal is always full, natural in-room sound. When you listen to a Sigberg Audio loudspeaker system, you will understand.

But how does it sound?

We want you to experience your favorite artists in the best way possible, to allow you to enjoy the music. When you turn the volume to 11 on a setup from Sigberg Audio, you get blown away by the raw, effortless delivery. Tone it down, and the hairs on your arms lift as silky, soft vocals pour out from somewhere between the speakers. We don't make speakers that "mercilessly reveal bad recordings." When the speakers do most things right, most things sound right.

We make speakers we would buy ourselves. Speakers that make us sit back and think That's what I'm talking about when we put on our favorite songs. We can't wait to give you the same experience!

The Sigberg Audio way:

What makes our active speakers and subwoofers work as well as they do?

  • A high quality coax driver provides a point source, an unusually large soundstage and a precise stereo perspective.
  • Dedicated subwoofer for the bass and dedicated midbass drivers in the speakers, for a true 4-way speaker system. This allows the speaker to focus on the important midbass area, providing unheard of capacity.
  • Our subwoofers provide clean and neutral sound all the way from the deepest bass and far up in the mid-bass range. They are built to compete with expensive floor-standing speakers in terms of precision, realism and authority.
  • Dedicated mono amplifiers (Hypex nCore) for all drivers.
  • Digital crossovers provide smoother and better frequency response, higher sensitivity and better dynamics than traditional, passive solutions.
  • The tuning and frequency response is optimised and verified with Klippel measurement systems in an anechoic chamber.
  • The compact size of our speakers and subwoofers translates to very rigid cabinets. The fact that the frequencies below 100hz are in a separate cabinet minimizes resonances and vibrations in the speakers. 

We've worked hard to deliver engaging sound and performance despite their modest appearence. To achieve this, we have chosen a modular approach, where the bass is handled by a dedicated subwoofer.

Inkognito subwoofer is the choice if you want a high quality subwoofer that blends in easily. The flexible installation options lets you enjoy a subwoofer that can play deep and loud without disrupting your living room aestethics.

The 10D subwoofer has a traditional form factor, and is the smallest double 10" subwoofer in the world. This combined with advanced DSP means it's a hard hitter, and plays music with the authority and precision of a high-end floor stander.

The heart of the system is the speakers, We offer either the small but ridiculously powerful SBS.1 active speaker, It looks like a compact bookshelf speaker, but the sensitivity and dynamics are unheard of for its size. Or you have the retro inspired, cardioid loaded statement monitors, The Manta. With fantastic soundstage and imaging, combined with extreme dynamic range, it's truly end game speakers. Combine either with our subwoofers, and the result is larger than life soundstage, perfectly integrated. Full frequency sound and real life dynamics.


The room is one of the biggest factors for good sound. The tonal balance, as in the balance between the dark tones and the bright tones in the music, is partly a result of the design of your speakers, and partly of the size of your room and how sound is reflected by room boundaries and objects. It's important to spend some time to experiment with speaker placement, and if possible reduce the number of naked, reflective surfaces. 

We understand and respect that most people won't have access to a dedicated listening space, and must make the best of it. Our speakers have even dispersion characteristics, meaning they sound great even in less than perfect rooms. The MANTA adds cardioid dispersion to the mix, further reducing the effect of room reflections. Finally, both the SBS.1 and the MANTA are built to play with subwoofers. One obvious advantage is that you immediately get control over the critical range from 20-100hz. You can now easily control the amount of bass with the volume of the subwoofer. This balance is a big factor in perceived sound quality, and this alone is a big step up from stand-alone speakers.

Finally all our subwoofers and speakers have a built-in manual EQ to further correct for room issues when necessary. For those who don't have the time or interest to learn how to use that, not to worry: Our speakers sound awesome right out of the box too! If you want to test DSP despite limited knowledge, we also sell room correction products which allows you to apply DSP automatically and without prior knowledge. 

In summary

With Sigberg Audio you get ..

  • Speakers that sound fantastic - whether your preferred listening level is low, moderate or at concert levels. Whether you listen to Diana Krall or Metallica.
  • Speakers with even dispersion ensuring they sound great in typical, less than perfect listening spaces.
  • Dedicated subwoofers that allow you to control the tonal balance in your setup, and provide quality, capacity and authority in the bass that few floorstanders can match.
  • Manual and / or automatic DSP that can be used to clean up the critical bass and midbass area, so that the system integrates better with your room.
  • Built-in, dedicated and very powerful amplifier stages for all channels. All you need is one or more good sources, and possibly a preamplifier.

Simply good sound, so you can listen to good music. Served in a package that we are confident will both give you goosebumps and make your feet start tapping.

Sometimes separately, sometimes both at once. 

We hope you will adopt our loudspeakers and/or subwoofers. They will do their best to recreate your best memories. And perhaps create a few new ones.

Thorbjørn Sigberg
Sigberg Audio

Thorbjørn Sigberg