Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer

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Sigberg Audio subwoofers play bass better than high-end floorstanders!

"The bass is deep and controlled. It's also fast and detailed, without becoming too anemic or sterile."
- Stereopluss September 2021

"By far the best bass of the show this year!"
-Stereopluss at Hifimessen 2021

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Like all our subwoofers, 10D is built for music first. A good subwoofer doesn't sound like a good subwoofer, it sounds like your speakers just got way better. It integrates easily with both your room and main speakers. This translates to less time spent struggling with setup, and more time to enjoy the music!

10D is a sealed, force-cancelling subwoofer with two active 10" drivers. This means the two drivers are mounted on the sides of the cabinet in a dual opposing configuration. Each driver cancel out the cabinet vibrations from the other. This combined with the dual drivers means exceptionally low vibration and clean output. The 10D plays loud, deep and precise in a compact package. It's actually the most compact dual 10" subwoofer in the world! Presets on the subwoofer allows you to adjust the subwoofer for a preference of deep bass, or a slightly leaner response in exchange for more volume.

10D uses the same drivers and amplifier technology as our award-winning Inkognito series. The dual drivers enables the 10D to play louder than both the Inkognito 10 and Inkognito 12. As all our subwoofers, 10D is designed for music first, but does an excellent job with movies as well.

Louder and deeper with active limiter

Unlike many music oriented subwoofers, all Sigberg Audio subwoofers have a built-in, active limiter. This means you will never experience your subwoofer bottoming out or running out of steam, and we are able to provide you with the absolute maximum performance available from the high-end amplifier and driver. 

Parametric EQ for precise room calibration

Connect your laptop to the subwoofer via USB, and you gain access to a 9-band parametric EQ. This allows for precise sound adjustments, based on manual in-room measurements or your own taste. The feature is useful if your subwoofer is connected to an amplifier without room calibration capabilities.

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See also the Sigberg Audio 10D user manual

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  • Type / Power:
    2x10" aluminium cone drivers, sealed enclosure
    500W Hypex nCore, DSP enabled amplifier
  • Equalizer:
    9-band parametric
  • Frequency response:
    23-250hz +/-3dB (ground plane)
    Typical in-room bass extension: 19hz
  • Max SPL @ avg 30-80hz/1m:
  • Inputs
    RCA, XLR balanced, High-level
  • Dimensions (WHD):
    360x370x410mm (385mm with feet)
  • Weight:
  • Included in the box:
    Power cable (Type F), USB-cable, vibration damping feet, Magnetic grilles