Tight, tactile bass - relentless dynamics!

Say goodbye to boomy, muddy bass. Forget the hassle of integrating subwoofers. Our speakers and subs are designed to play together.

Perfect bass. Out of the box.

soft fur, sharp teeth

Extreme dynamics. Huge soundstage. Bass and midbass that is controlled and tactile even in difficult rooms.
Our approach to loudspeaker design is unique, and it has a number of advantages you cannot afford to miss.


the 4th way

Subwoofers are critical to our 4-way, full range speaker systems. Trust us to take them very seriously!

Feedback from selected customers
My dual 10D subs provide a tight, fast musical response for my shared music and HT system. There is no way to better the level of customer care and support provided by Sigberg Audio!
— Vic T, USA (2x10D Subwoofers) January 2023
I've never heard anything like it! It has the dynamics of a PA system while at the same time retaining the finesse of high-end speakers. Awesome!
— Ivar T, NO (SBS.1, Inkognito 10) October 2022
I finally achieved a perfect frequency response by placing Inkognitos where no other subs would fit. Amazing sound quality! Don’t let the ‘music first’ approach fool you, they hold their own for home theatre as well!
— Cato S, NO (B&W 803 D4, 2x Inkognito 12) January 2022
This doesn't just sound good and "nice", it can also sound brutal and just plain awesome!
— Håkon V, NO (SBS.1 + Inkognito 12) December 2021
I'm impressed by how Inkognito keeps up with my quick and nimble Piegas! This is the best subwoofer I've ever heard!
— Erik A, NO (Piega Coax 90.2, Inkognito 12) November 2021
SBS.1 are fantastic speakers! The first thing I think about when I wake up is that I want to listen to them!
— Thomas E, NO (SBS.1 + 10D) June 2021
Depth and imaging is among the best I've ever heard! Pinpointing and clarity is just magic! Ridiculously good!
— Birger R, NO (SBS.1, 2x Inkognito 10) June 2021
The soundstage is incredibly balanced with good separation, consistent frequency response and great punch. Exactly what I need when mixing and producing music! Highly recommended!
— Vilthagen Studios, NO (SBS.1 + Inkognito 10) May 2021
The combination of SBS. 1 and the inkognito subwoofer provide amazingly detailed and spacious sound, combined with impressively precise bass. A great joy to listen to!
— Arjen H, NL (SBS.1 & Inkognito 10) April 2021
Inkognito 12: These subwoofers are genuinely superb!
— David M, UK (Dutch&Dutch 8C, 2x Inkognito 12) December 2020
I just enjoy listening to music much more, my system finally sounds just perfect!
— Oddbjørn F, NO (Harbeth 7ES-3 XD, Inkognito 12) October 2020

5 Year Warranty, 10 year service, unlimited support

Sigberg Audio offer a 5 year warranty on all products. If you experience any problem at all, we'll sort it out! We want you to enjoy your speakers for a long time, so we promise to keep all parts in stock for at least a decade. Finally, customer support is free for the life of the product (even for second hand owners). 

Whatever, Whenever, We've got you covered!