Directly from us to you means high quality without expensive middlemen.

Our unique approach to full frequency sound allows us to play your favorite music in its purest form, no matter if that means soothing classical music or brutal heavy metal!

Feedback from selected customers
I'm impressed by how Inkognito keeps up with my quick and nimble Piegas! This is the best subwoofer I've ever heard!
— Erik A, NO (Piega Coax 90.2, Inkognito 12)
Depth and imaging is among the best I've ever heard! Pinpointing and clarity is just magic! Ridiculously good!
— Birger R, NO (SBS.1 + Inkognito 10)
Inkognito 12: These subwoofers are genuinely superb!
— David M, UK (Dutch&Dutch 8C, 2x Inkognito 12)
This doesn't just sound good and "nice", it can also sound brutal and just plain awesome!
— Håkon V, NO (SBS.1 + Inkognito 12)
The combination of SBS. 1 and the inkognito subwoofer provide amazingly detailed and spacious sound, combined with impressively precise bass. A great joy to listen to!
— Arjen H, NL (SBS.1 & Inkognito 10)
I just enjoy listening to music much more, my system finally sounds just perfect!
— Oddbjørn F, NO (Harbeth 7ES-3 XD, Inkognito 12)
SBS.1 are fantastic speakers! The first thing I think about when I wake up is that I want to listen to them!
— Thomas E, NO (SBS.1 + 10D)
Inkognito adds something to the sound that I've been missing for a long time!
— Robert M, NO (Magnepan 0.7, Inkognito 10)
The soundstage is incredibly balanced with good separation, consistent frequency response and great punch. Exactly what I need when mixing and producing music! Highly recommended!
— Vilthagen Studios, NO (SBS.1 + Inkognito 10)