your music. your room. the best sound you ever had. guaranteed.

We really mean it. We'll even follow up personally after your purchase to help you get the best sound possible.

If we can't fulfill our promise, a courier service will come to your door and pick up your shipment for a full refund, no questions asked.

The only risk on your end:
Being stuck listening to music for hours!

don't buy speakers, buy an awesome listening experience guaranteed through personal support!

Our speakers have both simple and more advanced features to tailor the sound to your room and taste. We're always available to help you both before and after your purchase and to ensure your system sounds beyond awesome!

built to bring out your memories

It's amazing how music has the ability to take us back in time.
To the best summer of your life, or perhaps a winter of broken hearts.

Do you ever put on that favorite song from back in the day, and it falls flat? What is the point of an expensive system if your favorite songs just sound wrong, or even harsh?

We combine our passion for music and a scientific approach to build speakers that will make your music sound great.

let us share our passion with you!

whisper quiet. loud as hell!

Sometimes passion means slow listening. Sometimes it means bringing the house down. Either way: Your favorite music. Presented perfectly.

Great sound. Hassle free.

Achieve balanced, full range sound even in less than perfect listening rooms. Great sound and hassle free setup. Out of the box.

Worry free purchase.

Free shipping. 60 days try and buy. 5 year warranty. Awesome support for life. Whatever, whenever. We've got you covered.

check out the feedback from these reignited customers!
check out the feedback from these reignited customers!
The best sounding monitor that we've ever had in our recording studio. And it sounds great from anywhere in the room!
— Christer Krogh, Velvet Recording (Manta + 2x10D subwoofers)
check out the feedback from these reignited customers!
Depth and imaging is among the best I've ever heard! Pinpointing and clarity is just magic! Ridiculously good!
— Birger Rasmussen (SBS.1, 2x Inkognito 10)
check out the feedback from these reignited customers!
Incredibly balanced, consistent frequency response and great punch. Exactly what I need when mixing and producing music!
— Andreas Vilthagen, Vilthagen Studios (SBS.1 + Inkognito 10)
check out the feedback from these reignited customers!
SBS.1 has the dynamics of a PA system while at the same time retaining the finesse of high-end speakers. Awesome!
— Ivar Teigland (SBS.1, Inkognito 10)
product reviews
product reviews
"Shockingly precise and holographic soundstage, and impressive dynamics!"
— Stereopluss review of Manta and 10D
product reviews
"The sound quality of SBS.1 is outstanding. The dynamic range is also exceptional, well beyond what almost any other similarly sized speaker can hope for."
— James Larson, Audioholics
product reviews
With the SBS.1 speaker system You get the huge soundstage you'd expect from sealed, small bookshelves, and at the same time nice, deep bass like big floorstanders. Best of both worlds!
— Jay Lee, Jay's Yiagi
product reviews
"The ability of Sigberg Audio SBS.1 to vanish, leaving only music, is simply magic!"
— Stereopluss
product reviews
"Quick and nimble bass and excellent dynamics. The soundstage is clean, impressively tidy and rich with information."
— Stereopluss review of Inkognito 10 subwoofer
product reviews
"The best midbass most people will have ever heard!"
— Review of Sigberg Audio 10D by Nemo Propaganda

product awards

time to reignite your passion for music!

1.Order online

Order online directly from us! All major credit cards, Paypal, Vipps, Klarna and email invoice accepted. We ship door-to-door, 60 days try and buy.

2.hassle free setup

Connect to any preamp or streamer. Speakers integrate perfectly with our subwoofer(s) out of the box. Acoustic problems are minimized by design.

3.Enjoy your favorites

Free up your calendar. You are about to rediscover your music collection!


why active speakers?

Sigberg Audio speaker systems offer realism and dynamics beyond any passive design.

Dedicated mono amplifiers power each driver, at the same time providing active driver protection. Crossovers are finely tuned for linear phase and tonal accuracy.

Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer
Sigberg Audio Inkognito Subwoofer

Why design speakers that require subwofers?

Speakers often interact with the room in a way that results in uneven and muddy bass.

Dedicated midbass drivers in the speakers combined with separate subwoofers ensure bass performance and dynamic range beyond any stand alone loudspeaker!


With Sigberg Audio you get high-end components found in products many times the price. What's more important, you get the natural, rich Sigberg Audio sound signature that just feels right.

This is all great, but what if there's a problem?

Whatever, Whenever, We've got you covered!

  • 60-day return policy for risk-free purchase.
  • All components replaceable under 5-year warranty.
  • 10-year service and spare parts guarantee.
  • Lifetime support, including for second-hand owners.
  • Each unit is assembled in Norway and tested against a reference speaker pre-shipment.

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