High-end in disguise

Our subwoofers blend in anywhere, without sacrificing sound quality. They also integrate easily with both room and speakers. We've simulated and tested countless drivers before finding the exact properties required to give you an awesome subwoofer. The class D amplifiers are among the best in the world, and built-in DSP allows us to configure the amplifiers to our exact requirements. With access to a 9-band parametric EQ via the USB port, you may further tailor the sound to your room.

Our subwoofers are scientifically tested with data simulation as well as frequency and vibration measurements. And of course, listening tests. The result is a product with both soul and brains.

A rigid cabinet allows the interior architect of the house to decorate the subwoofer with potted plants of pictures of loved ones without affecting sound quality. On the floor, damping feet reduce vibration transfer. With an on-wall placement (Inkognito subwoofers), the vibration dampening wall mount will achieve the same.

An advanced, dynamic limiter ensures you get the most of our subwoofers for movies of parties, or when you are looking for the concert experience in your living room. When you play so loud that you hit the maximum capability for deep bass, you can still turn up the volume. The limiter will automatically reduce the deepest frequencies, so that you can play even louder with a slight reduction in the deepest bass.

Design furniture or subwoofers?

The Inkognito series are first and foremost high-end subwoofers. However, visitors who see one may be left wondering what it is. With standard M8 mounts, furniture legs from most companies will fit directly. Combine this with the unique form factor and perhaps a potted plant on top of it - and the result looks more like an exclusive corner table than a subwoofer. On-wall installation is also available (wall mount can be purchased separately).

Built to last

Lifting one of our subwoofers out of the box, you will instantly feel that this is a robust and solid product. A product engineered with focus on build quality and sound, not cost and margins.

The enclosures are hand-built in England. After we receive them, the final product is assembled, inspected and tested in-house here in Norway. Everything is done with love for music and craftmanship.

All our subwoofers are designed to provide superior sound quality and realistic sound pressure.

Parametric EQ for precise room calibration

Connect your laptop to the subwoofer via USB, and you gain access to a 9-band parametric EQ. This allows for precise sound adjustments, based on manual in-room measurements or your own taste. The feature is useful if your subwoofer is connected to an amplifier without room calibration capabilities.

Is it compatible with my system?

Your new subwoofer can be connected to all systems with a dedicated subwoofer out. That means all surround receivers or processors, and also many modern all-in-one systems (for instance Sonos Amp and Bluesound). You can also connect it to an amplifier with a pre-out or regular loudspeaker terminals.

If you're not sure, feel free to contact us, and we'll figure it out together!

Which one to pick?

Let's start with the most important thing: All our subwoofers will provide the same, high-end sound. All subwoofers use the same amplifier technology (Hypex nCore) and similar drivers. At moderate listening levels, the difference between them is small. For music, you can also enjoy high playback levels with all our subwoofers.

If you enjoy watching movies at reference levels, you might want to consider one of our larger models, or possibly go for two. This will give you both more power and a more even frequency response. Feel free to contact us for purchasing advice!