"These subwoofers kick ass!" -Jay's Iyagi


INKOGNITO Subwoofer (Generation 2)

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customer reviews
I'm impressed by how Inkognito keeps up with my quick and nimble Piegas! This is the best subwoofer I've ever heard!
— Erik A (Piega Coax 90.2, Inkognito subwoofer)
These subwoofers are genuinely superb!
— David M, (Dutch&Dutch 8C, 2x Inkognito subwoofers)
The inkognito subwoofer provide amazingly detailed and spacious sound, combined with precise bass. A great joy to listen to!
— Arjen H (SBS.1 speakers & Inkognito subwoofer)
I just enjoy listening to music much more, my system finally sounds just perfect!
— Oddbjørn F (Harbeth 7ES-3 XD, Inkognito subwoofer)
Sigberg Audio Inkognito Subwoofer

time for proper, full range sound!

Ever experienced that the bass is either too powerful or too soft - or muddy and uneven? Bass is just hard to get right.

And subwoofers are often poorly integrated, and turned off when it's time to enjoy music. Not ours.

Prepare to experience true full range music!

sigberg audio

subwoofers designed for music first

Subwoofers are an integral part of our speaker systems, so you can trust us to take them very seriously. While also excellent for movies, our subwoofers are designed for music first - with the finest components available.

Our subwoofers provide

  • Bass performance that competes with high end floorstanders.
  • High power and low distortion in a compact design.
  • Easy integration with your speakers, meaning less hassle and more music.
  • Typical in-room bass extension: 18hz.
Sigberg Audio Inkognito Subwoofer

flexible installation

Finding a place for your subwoofer is no longer an issue!

The Inkognito subwoofer can be placed horizontally on the floor, vertically against a wall - and even be wall mounted!

While it looks good out in the open, you may hide it behind or even under furniture without sacrificing its world class performance!

not sure which subwoofer to choose?

how to find the right subwoofer for you

Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer

10D or Inkognito

  • The sound quality is the same with both.
  • While the 10D is compact with a traditional shape, the Inkognito has a "pizza box" shape. It can be placed either horizontal on the floor, or vertically against a wall. It even supports on-wall installation.
  • You can enjoy high playback levels even with the Inkognito. For larger rooms, note that the 10D can play significantly louder than the Inkognito.
  • Inkognito has a single driver, the 10D has dual drivers.
Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer
Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer

one or multiple subwoofers?

  • While one subwoofer may work well, if you have the space we recommend dual subwoofers.
  • Two or more subwoofers will give you more power and a more even bass response.

Loudness vs room size

  • Single Inkognito: Small & medium rooms, you can play loud
  • Dual Inkognito: Small, medium & large rooms, you can play very loud
  • 10D: Small & medium rooms, you can play very loud
  • Dual 10D: Small, medium & large rooms, you can play very loud.
  • Four or more 10Ds: Medium & large rooms, you can play extremely loud.

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