If you have a surround receiver, connecting a subwoofer is easy. In a 2-channel setup, it's often not. High-end audiophiles are a conservative crowd. Unfortunately, that means they are sceptical to "new" ideas like subwoofers and DSP / room correction - despite the fact that both can genuinely improve the sound in a 2-channel setup. Both features are a given on surround receivers regardless of price class. On stereo amplifiers, subwoofer output and active crossover support are often missing.

To get the most of your subwoofer, you should have a fairly high crossover, typically around 80hz. This will not yield good results if your amplifier doesn't have a highpass filter that relieves your main speakers of the same frequencies.

To help our subwoofer customers and others find amplifiers that will properly support a subwoofer in a 2-channel setup, we have decided to curate a simple list of amplifiers and preamplifiers/streamers that support this. 

If you are lucky enough to own our speaker systems, either the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speakers or the Sigberg Audio Manta wideband cardioid monitor matched with our subwoofers, this is less of a problem. Our speakers are high passed by design, and can be connected to any preamplifier for perfect subwoofer integration. 

Integrated 2-channel amplifiers with subwoofer support

Anthem STR Series

The Anthem STR series are truly modern 2 channel amplifiers with active support for subwoofers, and even feature ARC room correction capabilities. Built-in DAC.

Parasound HINT 6

The Parasound HINT 6 is an advanced integrated amplifier with adjustable crossover for both subwoofers and main speakers. It also features home theater bypass and built-in DAC.

Devialet Expert pro 220

The Devialet is a highly configurable amplifier that can be configured for subwoofer connection and also crossover configuration. Perhaps not the most intuitive solution, but potentially very powerful.

Lyngdorf TDAI series

Lyngdorf is well-known for their advanced room correction software, and their TDAI-series amplifiers is a great choice if you want a high quality stereo setup with both room correction and subwoofer support.

Marantz NR-1200

This slim 2-channel receiver has a dedicated subwoofer output and configurable crossovers that activates a lowpass filter for the subwoofer and highpass for the main speakers, in a similar fashion as surround receivers. Combine this relatively cheap receiver with a power amplifier, and you'll have a very potent solution. It also has integrated DAC and Spotify/TIDAL/etc support.

Denon DRA-800H

Integrated amplifier with dedicated subwoofer output and configurable crossover and streaming capabilities.


A truly modern stereo amplifier with high quality power from purifi class D amplifier modules. Subwoofer support and room calibration.

NAD D3045

Compact integrated amplifier with bluetooth and HDMI. Pre-out with selectable crossover (40/80/120hz).


Outlaw RR2160

Integrated stereo receiver with dedicated subwoofer output and selectable crossover (60/80/100hz). 

Yamaha R-N803D

YPAO Room correction and subwoofer output as well as streaming options, though no variable crossover, at least not manually adjustable.

Yamaha WXA-50

A neat and effective streamer with integrated amp. Separate subwoofer output. No selectable crossover.

MiniDSP SHD Power

MiniDSP is a powerful platform with Dirac Live support and also full support for configuring outputs for instance for subwoofers. 

Bluesound Powernode2i

This powered streamer is an inexpensive option that will work well for many. It has a subwoofer output with a variable crossover.

Buchardt I-250

This Hypex based integrated amplifier has subwoofer out and both variable highpass and lowpass. 


Preamplifiers / streamers with subwoofer support

Antimode X4

Antimode X4 is a high end preamplifier with advanced room calibration (both automatic and manual eq) and full support for subwoofer, including variable highpass/lowpass.

Antimode X2

Antimode X2 is a tiny preamplifier with advanced room calibration and full support for subwoofer, currently with a fixed 80hz crossover (will be adjustable in future software update)


MiniDSP is a powerful preamp/streamer platform with Dirac Live support and also full support for configuring outputs for instance for subwoofers and active speakers.

NAD C658

Both XLR/RCA preouts as well as separate subwoofer outputs topped with Dirac Live room correction below 500hz makes this a very good platform for active speakers and subwoofers.

Bluesound Node 2i

RCA pre out for active speakers and also a separate subwoofer output with a variable crossover.

Yamaha WXC-50

A neat and effective streamer / preamp with RCA pre out for active speakers and a separate subwoofer output. No selectable crossover.

Parasound P6

A very versatile preamp from a subwoofer perspective. Variable highpass and low pass as well as adjustable subwoofer level.

Please let us know if you are aware of other stereo amplifiers or preamplifiers / streamers with subwoofer support, and we will add them to the list!

Done reading? Time to check out Sigberg Audio active speakers and subwoofers, which will be a perfect match to many of the units above!

July 30, 2020