Sigberg Audio MANTA Dobbel kardioide (konsept)

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  • Dual cardioid enclosure
  • Active 3-way speakers with coax and 12" midbass driver
  • Pre-order expected to start early 2023.
  • Shipping expected to start summer 2023. 

Introducing the first ever dual cardioid hifi speaker, bringing the accuracy of a studio monitor and the power and dynamics of professional audio to your home!

The sound of MANTA

  • Voices are perfectly positioned, crystal clear and full of nerve, nuance and details.
  • The soundstage is huge in all dimensions; depth, width, height. It's truly an immersive experience. 
  • The big soundstage is combined with pinpoint imaging. The loudspeakers disappear as instruments are just.. there. Accurately portrayed in three dimensions. 
  • The bass and lower midrange is presented with perfect transient response, speed and relentless punch no matter how loud you play.
  • The treble is fresh, detailed and crisp without ever becoming hard or fatiguing. 
  • Music is reproduced in an accurate, enjoyable and effortless manner whether you prefer to play at moderate or ear bleeding levels.

Why and how is MANTA different?

MANTA.1 looks different. It IS different. But not in an attempt to look cool or be fancy. It's a result of what we call functional design. Every detail has a clear and real function, and improves the way music is reproduced. 

  • As its sibling the SBS.1, the MANTA speakers are designed to be paired with one or several subwoofers. We recognize that the midbass is so important to the drive and dynamics of most music, that we use a dedicated amplifier channel and dedicated high power, high sensitivity 12" driver to this frequency range.
  • Cardioid midrange: The dedicated midrange chamber is vented to reduce reflections from the side walls and the wall behind the speakers. The result is increased clarity and improved soundstage. This is what gives the MANTA its unique vocal performance, and ability to sound clear and tidy even on complex music productions. To perfect the midrange, ports are cut out on both sides of the coax driver to allow the midrange driver to "see" a more narrow baffle, resulting in ideal dispersion characteristics across the frequency range.
  • Cardioid bass: One would think you lost bass pressure by venting the cabinet, but when done right the very opposite is true. The MANTA achieves cardioid like performance down to ~80hz, directing bass pressure towards the listener. The Tight and consistent midbass experience is crucial for the rhythmic, dynamic nature of many music genres.

Follow the development of MANTA in our development threads: (Norwegian) 


...More to come. 

Questions? Contact us at or our  Facebook page.

Preliminary Specifications (subject to change)

  • Type
    3-way (Total system with subwoofer adds up to 4-way)
    Dual cardioid cabinet with acoustic side vents
  • Drivers / Amplifier:
    12" midbass, 5.5" midrange, 1" silk dome tweeter.
    Active 3-channel class D amplifier with DSP (650W per speaker)
  • Equalizer / Room correction:
    Manual EQ, 9-band parametric
  • Frequency response: 
    95-20,000hz (+/-2dB)
    80-22,000hz (-6dB)
    22-22,000hz (+3/-6dB) (with subwoofer)
    Cardioid dispersion characteristics: ~80-5,000hz
  • Distortion:
    <0,5% THD @96dB/1m (per speaker)
  • Max SPL@1m:
  • Inputs:
    Analog: RCA, XLR balanced (in/through)
    Digital: Optical, Coaxial/SPDIF (in/through), AES (in/through)
  • Dimensions (WHD): 
    350x600x350 mm
  • Accessories:
    Power chord, USB-cable, magnetic detachable grille
  • Weight:
  • Placement:
    MANTA stainless steel stand (included)