As a direct to consumer manufacturer, we talk to a lot of customers. A story we hear a lot, is the one about loving rock and metal, but struggling to get it to sound right. It just sounds messy and harsh. Are high end loudspeakers simply incompatible with rock?

The customers we talk to often have expensive gear, and the sound is awesome on typical audiophile music. But put on some Deep Purple, Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold, and the system falls apart. The sound is thin, harsh and messy. Instead of individual instruments, it's just noise. You feel the urge to turn the volume down instead of up.

Many high end loudspeakers boast about their neutrality and high resolution. They proudly announce how they "reveal" bad recordings. Actually, truly bad recordings are relatively rare. The more common scenario is that challenging recordings reveal bad speakers.

There are so many expensive loudspeakers out there with imbalanced tonality and elevated highs, that we've lost track of what neutral means. Neutral does not mean thin, piercing highs and anemic midbass. Neutral means a rich, natural sound with plenty of punch and bottom end. If you listen to live instruments, they are rarely harsh, and they definitely don't sound thin! 

So are high end loudspeakers incompatible with rock and metal? It may seem so, as rock is surprisingly hard to get right. But fear not - Sigberg Audio speaker systems love rock and metal!

With extreme dynamic range and a natural tonal balance, your Sigberg Audio system will sound awesome no matter the genre!

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June 22, 2024