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sigberg audio manta

A studio monitor so good you don't want to leave.
A high end speaker so entertaining you just want to keep listening.

Now you can have the sound artists love!

When artists lounge in the control room to listen to their recordings on the Manta, they are blown away by the realism and dynamic range!

At Velvet studio they have the Sigberg Audio MANTA and dual 10D subwoofers in their studio.

"Manta is different. It sounds great, and it sounds exactly right!" -Christer Krogh, Head engineer @ Velvet studio

different. to dramatic effect.

Traditional speakers radiate sound in all directions. This means less energy at the listening position and severe reflections from the walls. This leaves you with a distorted and inferior version of the original sound.

The unique enclosure of the MANTA has a cardioid radiation pattern over a wide frequency range. This means MANTA radiates most of the energy towards the listener. You hear the music directly from the source instead of reflected off your walls.

The result? Unlike anything you've ever heard.

sigberg audio manta

welcome to the main stage

Prepare for a huge soundstage unlike anything you've experienced! Instruments larger than life and distributed precisely throughout your listening space in all dimensions. The loudspeakers completely gone.

  • A realistic, immersive and emotional experience.
  • Zero distortion and extreme capacity, 122dB@1m per speaker.
  • Integrates perfectly with our subwoofers out of the box - no difficult setup. 
  • Clean, full range sound covering the full range of human hearing.

"Manta sounds unlike any monitor I've heard. Thanks to the cardioid dispersion, Manta rewards you with incredible realism!"

- Christer Krogh, Mixing & Mastering engineer and producer at Velvet Recording

Check out the the full interview of Christer Krogh and read about his impression of the Manta!

a proven technology

The cardioid principle has been used in microphones to reduce ambient noise since 1929.

Ever been to a concert? Chances are cardioid subwoofers were employed to ensure the bass was directed at the audience.

MANTA Wideband Cardioid Monitors (pair)

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169.995 kr

Manta must be paired with bass modules for full range sound. Please make your choice below.

Not sure what to choose? Scroll to the bottom for our guide!

not sure which subwoofer to choose with your new speakers?

which bass module is right for you?

Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer

10D or Inkognito

  • Most important: The sound quality is the same with both.
  • While the 10D is compact with a traditional shape, the Inkognito has a "pizza box" shape. It can be placed either horizontal on the floor, or vertically against a wall.
  • You can enjoy high playback levels even with the Inkognito. For larger rooms, note that the 10D can play roughly twice as loud as the Inkognito.
  • Inkognito has a single driver, the 10D has dual drivers.
Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer
Sigberg Audio 10D Subwoofer

one or two?

  • While one bass module may work well, if you have the space we recommend two.
  • Two bass modules will give you more power and a more even bass response in your room.

Loudness vs room size

  • Single Inkognito: Small & medium rooms, you can play loud
  • Dual Inkognito: Small, medium & large rooms, you can play very loud
  • 10D: Small & medium rooms, you can play very loud
  • Dual 10D: Small, medium & large rooms, you can play extremely loud.

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