Introducing The Sigberg Audio Saranna Loudspeakers (2025)


Norway is a country of contrasts.

This is also true for our music. Covering traditional folk song, black metal and everything in between.

The Saranna loudspeaker embodies this duality.

Do you have a wide musical taste? Saranna was built for you!
She will caress you. She will smash the guitar over your head.

Saranna has a sound signature adjustable to your personal taste. Designed to sound awesome in your room. With your music.

Huge soundstage. Full range sound. Unique design.

The Saranna has a unique hybrid approach. The huge 8" coax is placed in a vented, U-shaped open baffle, and covers almost the entire frequency range. The result is exceptional coherence, clarity and a larger than life soundstage. Music disconnects completely from the speakers, appearing in the air in front of you in much the same way as with our end game Manta cardioid speakers.

The coax is complemented with two heavy duty 8" low frequency drivers in each speaker. The ported enclosure is tuned to achieve in-room response down to 20hz. The carefully designed port features an expanding, oversized exit enabling high SPLs without port noise.

Adjust the bass to your room and taste

With the Sigberg Audio floorstander you can easily adjust the bass response to suit your room and taste! Switching between different modes is done in a matter of seconds. This feature also means you can have a full, impactful sound even at moderate volume! (Preliminary graphics for illustration only, subject to change)


room for music

Many speaker manufacturers recommend that you place your speakers 0.5-1m from the wall. This is often challenging, especially in smaller rooms.

The Sigberg Audio floorstander create space rather than consume it. Designed to be placed as close as 15cm from the wall, and still produce a huge soundstage!

  • With what is essentially built-in active subwoofers, high SPL full range sound is available on tap!
  • Natural, full sound and a wide, precise soundstage.
  • Configurable bass response to easily match your room - easy setup!

Sigberg Audio Saranna Full range floorstander (2025)

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