Antimode X2 review

Antimode X2 configuration and listening impressions

The Antimode X2 is a small, powerful and user friendly unit that can help you take control over the acoustics of your room. The room calibration capabilities will without doubt vastly improve the sound of your system.
august 17, 2022
Expensive cables, do you need them?

Expensive cables, do you need them?

There's no limit to how much money can be spent on speaker cables, interconnects or even power cords. But is it necessary, or even beneficial? The short answer? No. The long answer? No, no you don't.
august 06, 2022
Active vs passive speakers illustration

What makes active speakers better than passive?

Hifi is a conservative industry. This is true both when it comes to manufacturers as well as the customers. Why change what works? Active loudspeakers have existed for decades, but have only recently started to slowly gain ground against the traditional, passive speakers. As they should. Let's examine what's different with an active speaker, and why it's the best choice.
juli 09, 2022
Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speaker

Designing a loudspeaker: The SBS.1 story

This is the story behind the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speakers, the design choices made and the reasoning behind them. Hopefully it is a good read to those interested in loudspeaker design in general and specifically the design choices made to come up with this somewhat unconventional design.
oktober 10, 2021
DSPeaker Antimode X4 room correction preamplifier

Antimode X4 configuration and listening impressions

The Antimode X4 is a high-end preamplifier, DAC and advanced EQ / room calibration device. That's a lot in one box. Let's find out what it can do! We use the Antimode X4 actively in our demo / test room, and this is a summary of our impressions of the product.
september 12, 2021

Subwoofer specifications explained

Subwoofer specifications may be difficult to understand. In addition, manufacturers don't necessarily follow the same standards. That means this guide may not help you compare between subwoofers, but it will at least help you understand what any given spec sheet can and can't tell you.
februar 19, 2021

Do you need a subwoofer for music reproduction?

Getting a subwoofer properly integrated in a high quality music system requires a bit of work. And is it even worth it? Is it that much low frequency content in music? Many movies have a lot of low frequency content, some even below 20hz. But what about music?
januar 01, 2021
Audyssey room calibration: Common mistakes

Audyssey room calibration: Common mistakes

In this guide we go through the basics of running Audyssey room calibration and making sure it is configured for the best possible sound. This is a topic with lots of nuance and edge cases, but if you don't want to spend hours and hours on figuring it all out, this guide should get you off to a good start!

august 23, 2020
Stereo amplifiers / preamplifiers with proper support for subwoofers

Stereo amplifiers / preamplifiers with proper support for subwoofers

To help our customers and others find amplifiers that will properly support a subwoofer in a 2-channel setup, we have decided to curate a simple list of amplifiers and/or brands that support this.
juli 30, 2020
How do we get big sound from "small" subwoofers?

How do we get big sound from "small" subwoofers?

It's understandable that some write off our Inkognito subwoofer range as "design speakers", assuming you have to pay a premium for the looks and size rather than sound. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

juli 28, 2020

How to set up your subwoofer (properly)

A good subwoofer can improve not just the bass, but the entire experience of music listening. Unfortunately, lots of people who buy subwoofers are left unsatisfied. Not because there's anything wrong with the subwoofer they bought, but simply because they didn't have the time or knowledge to set it up properly. This article aims to help you dial in the sound of your system by making sure the basic settings of both your subwoofer and receiver is configured correctly. 
juli 05, 2020

The magic of music

Music has a weird way of affecting us. The impact of movies are multiplied by soundtracks carefully designed to trigger our emotions. A song on the radio that our brain associates with a long lost friend, suddenly makes us tear up. 
juni 28, 2020