Sigberg Audio SBS.1 Active speakers

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Sigberg Audio SBS.1

"This is sound reproduction at a high, international level!"
"The ability of SBS.1 to simply vanish, leaving only music, is magic!"
- Stereopluss September 2021

Some loudspeakers have a clarity and smoothness that gives you goosebumps and magic listening experiences. Other loudspeakers makes you want to tap your foot and bang your head due to their dynamics, punch and raw power. Why choose?

SBS.1 is an active speaker built to play with a subwoofer. By designing for a high crossover against a subwoofer, the result is a full range system uniquely capable of loud and clean music reproduction. The sound doesn't just surpass other speakers of similar size, combined with a subwoofer you get a soundstage comparable to high end floor standers.

Driver excursion is kept low and distortion kept to a minimum no matter how loud you play, providing effortless dynamics.

SBS.1 is of course a perfect match with one or several Sigberg Audio subwoofers, but can also be matched with high quality subwoofers from other brands.

Since the system is modular with small main speakers and a separate subwoofer, it fits in anywhere. The loudspeakers are both physically and visually subtle. The subwoofer may be placed out of sight and/or wherever the bass response is best. Combine SBS.1 with one of our Inkognito subwoofers and you'll get an almost invisible system that will literally blow your socks off.

Dynamics and the SBS.1 design philosophy

We've given extra care to parameters that improve dynamics and capacity. But what does that mean? How does it sound, or what does it feel like? The SBS.1 has an ability to deliver sound pressure and energy without ever running out of steam or sounding stressed. It has high sensitivity and capacity in the upper bass and lower midrange unheard of from speakers of this size. The sound is clean and detailed, but never fatiguing, even when you crank it to 11. The focus was 95% music when developing these speakers, but our relentless pursuit of dynamics and effortless delivery makes them an excellent choice for movies as well. The fact that they are designed to be paired with subwoofers makes them feel right at home in a movie setup. 

The use of a coax driver makes the SBS.1 a point source, and the design choices in the active crossover ensures perfect phase and impulse response. The result is a natural and realistic reproduction of music regardless of your taste in music. The 2.5-way coax translates to a dispersion pattern that makes it easy to integrate in your room and rewards you with a wide, precise soundstage and stereo perspective.

Part of the secret behind the capacity of SBS.1 is the fact that there are three individual amplifiers with a total power of 350W integrated into each speaker. Combine them with an Inkognito 10 subwoofer, and you have 950W to your disposal! If you go all out and add dual 10D subwoofers, you have an incredible 1700 watts of power across 8 individual mono amplifiers. Trust us, you'll notice! All our products use class leading amplifiers from Hypex.

But SBS.1 can do more than play loud. They master the fine balance of providing plenty of air and clarity without becoming too bright. You can enjoy beautiful vocals and goose bumps one minute, and percussion with plenty of attack the next, without ever crossing the line where it becomes "unforgivable".

These speakers will bring you joy whatever you listen to. Free up your calendar, as you're about to rediscover your record collection. 

Advanced DSP, and the first(?) loudspeaker in the world that plays just as well with grilles as without!

With the help of the built-in DSP, you'll get access to a 9-band parametric EQ that will allow you to correct for your in-room frequency response. You may also easily access presets that adjust the tonal balance of the speakers. Finally we've included a bit of magic: One of the presets will make the loudspeaker grilles audibly transparent! Modern day loudspeaker grilles have little impact on the sound, but deep down we all know it's a TINY bit better to play without the grilles. With SBS.1 you can make the speakers adapt to the fact that the grilles are in place. Rest easy knowing that the DSP adjusts the frequency response of the speakers so their sound signature is identical to playing without grilles, while the speakers are still protected from curious children and sceptical partners!

See also SBS.1 user manual

If you are curious about the story behind the SBS.1 speakers and the design choices made, you can read more here: Designing a loudspeaker: The SBS.1 story

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  • Type
    2.5-way (Total system with subwoofer adds up to 3.5-way)
    Sealed cabinet
  • Drivers / Amplifier:
    Two 5.5" midbass, 1" silk dome tweeter.
    Active 3-channel class D amplifier with DSP 
  • Equalizer / Room correction:
    Manual EQ, 9-band parametric
  • Frequency response: 
    95-20,000hz (+/-2dB)
    80-22,000hz (-6dB)
    22-22,000hz (+3/-6dB) (with subwoofer)
  • Distortion:
    <1% THD @96dB/1m (per speaker)
  • Max SPL@1m:
  • Inputs:
    Analog: RCA, XLR balanced (in/through)
    Digital: Optical, Coaxial/SPDIF (in/through), AES (in/through)
  • Dimensions (WHD): 
    190x410x230 mm
  • Accessories:
    Power chord, USB-cable, magnetic detachable grille
  • Weight:
  • Placement:
    Speaker stand / Bookshelf