Sigberg Audio INKOGNITO Subwoofer

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Flexible and powerful

Your Inkognito subwoofer blends easily into modern interiors, and is built to give you the best possible music experience. It integrates easily with both your room and main speakers. This translates to less time spent struggling with setup, and more time to enjoy the music! We are a small company with a passion for building products with big, high fidelity sound. To achieve this we have chosen drivers from legendary Scan-Speak, and combined them with Hypex amplifiers. The result seamlessly extends and improves the bass foundation of your speakers.

The enclosure is sealed, and precisely designed for the subwoofer driver. The result is deep, tight bass, and easy integration with your main speakers. The powerful long-throw driver has a low resonance frequency. This will provide you with an even frequency response and good power handling.

The included feet and wall mount adds a mere 30mm. Total depth: 185mm.

Unique form factor

Inkognito 10 is a subwoofer out of the ordinary. It can easily disguise as a corner table or be placed on the wall (wall mount sold separately). You may also place it on the floor (both horisontal and vertical orientation supported). Inkognito supports installation both ways, so you may choose if you want the amplifier on the left or right side.

With a soft and modern look, we understand if you'd like to show it off!

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Inkognito 10 / 12 User manual

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Specifications Inkognito 10 / 12

  • Type / Power:
    Inkognito 10": sealed / Class D DSP 250W (continuous)
    Inkognito 12": sealed / Class D DSP 500W (continuous)
  • Equalizer:
    9-band parametric
  • Frequency response:
    Inkognito 12/10: 23/25-250hz (+/- 3dB) (ground plane)
    Inkognito 12/10: 18/20-250hz (typical in-room response)
  • Max SPL @ avg 30-80hz/1m:
    Inkognito 10: ~111dB
    Inkognito 12: ~115dB
  • Inputs
    RCA, XLR balanced, High level
  • Dimensions (BHD):
    Inkognito 10: 650x540x155 mm 
    Inkognito 12: 650x540x170 mm
    (feet adds 30mm in horisontal positon og 60mm vertical)

  • Weight:
    20kg (Inkognito 10) / 22kg (Inkognito 12)
  • Included accessories:
    Power cable (Type F), USB-cable, Feet supporting horisontal or vertical placement on floor
  • Installation:
    Wall (kjøp feste her) / or floor (horizontal and vertical)