Our why

The music we remember

The fireworks on stage are so massive you worry your hair will catch fire. Your adrenaline is pumping. Metallica fills the air with both music and fireworks, and you can feel the sound pressure in your chest. Your wife is out strolling with the kids, and you're back at the Metallica concert in 2007, if only for a moment.

You open your eyes. You're back in your living room, but the memories still remain. And your foot is still rocking to the beat.That's what I'm talking about!

All products are a result of compromise and choice. When we design subwoofers, we have to choose what's important to us. One of those things is the love for music. Perhaps you didn't attend a Metallica concert in 2007, but I'm sure you have other musical experiences that bring back those good memories. We will do our best to recreate those moments as vividly as possible.

We can't create perfect sound for everyone, but we can create products we'd buy ourselves. We can create products that makes us go That's what I'm talking about! when we put on our favorite tunes. We hope we're able to make you do the same.

The movies we love

Subwoofers are an essential component in any home theatre setup. You'd typically associate subwoofers with action movies, cannons and chaos. In reality, it can be equally demanding to reproduce the sound track of the more subtle movies.

We tried to create a subwoofer that can reproduce those subtle moments with precision and realism. We want you to get startled by the chair suddenly being pushed back as someone stands up in the middle of an argument. We want the hairs at the back of your neck to stand up as the organ plays the deepest tones during the funeral.

Our first series of subwoofers was created to provide an accurate and realistic soundstage in a normal living room. Their signature sound is deep, clean and engaging. They make you look over at your buddy and go That's what I'm talking about!

The design

Exterior design means compromise too. We didn't want to create another "normal" subwoofer that were unable to fit in with your fancy furniture. We also didn't want to create design speakers with crappy sound. So we decided to do something completely different: We've created a line of honest, high-end subwoofers that will blend in anywhere. On the floor, or on the wall. In plain sight, or hidden away. You decide.

Our subwoofers are flexible not because of their size, but despite their size.

That's what I'm talking about!

As you may have figured out by now, we think the expression "that's what I'm talking about!" sums up the experience of our subwoofers. We can't wait to find out if you agree!

We hope you will adopt one of our subwoofers. It will do its best to recreate your best memories. And perhaps create a few new ones.